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Ah, Miley. Just when you think she’s reached maximum “ick” factor, she goes and posts a photo of herself naked in bed with a bunch of dogs on Instagram.

We wish we were exaggerating, or that there was some way we could sugarcoat it, but really, it’s just Miley, covering a naked boob and lying in bed with her pooches.

Hey, maybe the caption will give us some insight!

“ForgotWhatILookLikeNotInChrome,” Miley wrote under the pic. Okay, no help there.

Our only consolation is that Miley’s Bangerz Tour resumes in NYC, which should hopefully keep her occupied for a while.

It’s been fun seeing her alleviate her boredom in Facebook for a while, but enough is enough. We need a break from Miley’s elaborate pimple decorations. We think she does too. Oh, and we’re sure her dogs could use some time apart.