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Miley Cyrus has posted what may be her most risque photo to date on Instagram.

This is saying a lot, we know, considering the abundance of Miley Cyrus topless pictures out there.

But in the singer is clearly naked in the following image, which she unveiled to fans yesterday and which appears to feature Cyrus first thing in the morning.

She’s covering her bare boob, her bare leg is sticking out from the covers and she’s surrounded by dogs.

Miley and Cody Selfie

“forgotwhatilookedlikenotinchrome,” Miley captioned this sexy snapshot.

We don’t have a whole lot to add to it, except that the artist resumes her Bangerz tour in New York City on Thursday, and not a moment too soon.


She’s been posing in random Instagram images for weeks now, standing around with her shirt off, covering up pimples in unique ways and making no secret of it at all:

Miley is #boredasfuckwithnothingtodoto.

Fortunately, this is temporary, as she’ll soon be back on the road, which means we can go back to posting pictures of the star wearing crazy outfits on stage…

… as opposed to wearing nothing at all in bed.