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What? The ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson could be going back on tour IF he signs a $214 million dollar contract to perform at 30 concerts in London.

It was 1996 when Jackson last toured and since then has made very few public appearances. Does Michael have it in him to commit to 30 concerts? We wonder if there will be a special bailout clause, should the celebrity decide to ‘call in sick’.

Jackson, who is carrying a huge debt load, should be chomping at the bit to sign on the dotted line. Sources say that Jackson feels like enough time has passed and that people have forgiven his past scandals, which involved criminal investigations of sexual abuse against minors.

A rep for his team has said they are only in the discussion phase at this time. Assuming he is physically able to undertake the venture, have you forgiven Michael – is it time for a big comeback?

One more thing. Did you know that the singer is… the big 50? Check out young Michael below.