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In 1994 Jordan Chandler (seen above) and his family won a reported $15 – $22 million lawsuit against the now deceased King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Allegation of wrong doing and molestation were at the heart of a major police investigation. Michael was never charged with the crime but he did pay the huge sum of money to the family.

Jordan’s father Evan Chandler, a former Beverly Hills dentist and aspiring screen writer, was found dead yesterday in his lavish Jersey City apartment. He was found holding a .38 caliber revolver while laying in his bed. His body was discovered after his doctor became concerned and notified police that his patient had missed an appointment.

As far as a motive, no suicide note was left behind but there are reports that he was suffering from a serious illness. Five bottles of prescription pills were found at the apartment. A friend of Evan’s said that throughout the years he had developed severe mood swings and was always depressed. He had undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures, becoming obsessive about his looks – not unlike Michael Jackson, the man he despised.

Jordan, now 29, lived with his father until 2006 when the two had a falling out. The boy claimed that his father attacked him with a dumbbell, leading the son to seek a restraining order against his dad.

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