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The cat is out of the bag on Madge’s secret affair. By the looks of the HOT young Brazilian model in question, we only have a few words for Madonna – Damn Girl!

Ok, Madonna is said to be hooking up with this gorgeous male model who’s name is Jesus Luz. That’s right folks, I said Jesus and for short I will call him Love’. The two met during a W magazine photo shoot and the ‘Material Girl’ was evidently so enraptured by ‘Love’ that she asked him to come along to Sao Paolo for her next tour stop.

First Guy Ritchie gets thrown to the curb and now Alex Rodriguez? Sorry guys but ‘Love’ is HOT! Brazilian websites are covering the story heavily and are warning A-Rod to get his butt to Brazil, where Madonna and ‘Love’ are apparently kissing and cuddling openly.

We are not naive enough to think this could turn into some grand love affair, but way to go anyway Madge. One more photo of ‘Love’ below. His smile is definitely worth a second look, trust us!