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The UK Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center has issued new photos of Madeleine McCann as she might look today, as a six-year-old girl. One photo shows her with light complexion and another shows what she might look like if she had been living in a climate such as northern Africa – see below.

The child made international headlines in May 2007 when she was disappeared in Portugal while on vacation with her physician parents, Gerald and Kate McCann. The youngster was nine days shy of her 4th birthday when her parents left her and her younger twin siblings sleeping while they joined friends at a restaurant for dinner nearby.

The parents discovered the girl missing when one of them went back to check on the sleeping children. A manhunt ensued and police thoroughly investigated the possible involvement of the parents, who they suspected might have harmed her accidentally and then hid her body.

The new photos have been released in an attempt to keep the case alive with the general public. The age enhanced photos have been distributed worldwide.

View more photos and video below.