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Jennifer Lopez on The Late Show with David Letterman

In a slew of interviews over the past few days, Jennifer Lopez has managed to avoid confirming her pregnancy. On “The Late Show” last night, David Letterman managed to dance around the issue, as did Diane Sawyer yesterday on “Good Morning America.”

However, Letterman did draw her into a conversation about parenthood when he asked Lopez if she would be as tough a parent as her own mom. “If I can be as great a mom as she is,” Lopez responded, “then everything will be all right.”

“You think you’re prepared to have a child – you’re not – throw it all away,” said Letterman, which prompted Lopez to laugh.

“So,” he went on to ask her, “the idea of having a family is daunting, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” she answered with a broad grin, “it is.”

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