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Laura Elena Zuniga Huizar is a Mexican model and was crowned Miss Sinaloa Hispanic America 2008 and was slated to compete for the title of Miss Mexico International 2009. She may be otherwise disposed because she was arrested on Monday along with seven known members of the Juarez Cartel.

Zuniga’s boyfriend, Angel Orlando Garcia Urquiza is the top operator for Carrillo Fuentes smuggling organization based in Ciudad Juarez, which borders El Paso.

Police received a tip and stopped two trucks that were cruising a Guadalajara suburb. They arrested seven men and Miss Sinaloa 2008 and seized a large array of assault rifles and handguns. They also confiscated $53,000 in cash.

The 23 year old Mexico beauty told her father that she was heading to a Christmas party when she left with her boyfriend and his cohorts. She told police that she was kidnapped by her boyfriend and that she was totally unaware of his illegal activities. She said the group was heading to Columbia and Bolivia on a shopping trip. Most cocaine smuggling comes through these two locations.

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