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A weight loss program called the “Cookie Diet” might seem a little odd — right? Actress Kim Kardashian thought it sounded “unhealthy” and said so on her Twitter page. Unfortunately, she may pay for that little blunder because she is being sued.

The owner of Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet weight loss program isn’t too pleased by Kardashian’s take on his weight loss program and has launched litigation against the reality star.

Dr. Sanford Siegal claims that Kim tried to defame him with her “cyber attack” when she declared the plan to be unhealthy. His claims don’t stop there. He alleges that Kardashian has other motives because she is a spokeswoman for a competitor, weight loss program QuickTrim.

This seems like a little revenge on Siegel’s part. Kim recently had her legal team send out a cease and desist letter to the “cookie guy”, who has made claims in his advertising that Kardashian endorses the cookie diet — which is apparently not true.

No word on how much the cookie company is seeking but it is sure to be a chunk of dough.

Photo: WENN