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We watched a video this morning on TMZ and had a hard time justifying Kate Gosselin‘s parenting “skills.”

We can only imagine what it would be like to have eight kids, yep that is a boatload. But, to expect your five-year-old’s to stand still and be quiet at all times is well…crazy!

Here’s what went down. Kate met her children at the bus after school. They were herded up by her SUV, while the children waited for her to get the backseat emptied so they could get in (advance planning would have worked well here Kate). The children start to talk and move their feet a little and that doesn’t go over well with Kate. One kid does a little spin and that isn’t appreciated either.

In the video you can hear a lot of annoying shhhhh’s and then Kate interjects that it is not acceptable for them to talk because they are five-years-old now and that they need to stand quietly.

The whole scene is a near carbon copy of a spoof video she did recently on the Jay Leno Show – where she treats several photographers like they were her naughty children – check it out here.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think. Just another day of child rearing or a real case of ‘jeez mom…lighten up’?