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It is safe to say that the idea of having your boyfriend work side by side with one of Hollywood’s hottest women is hard enough. It’s even harder when that woman is Angelina Jolie and she has a reputation for falling in love with taken men. That’s exactly how Johnny Depp’s girlfriend and partner of 12 years felt when she discovered that Johnny and Angelina had a steamy love scene to shoot in their upcoming film “The Tourist.”

Like any sane woman, that idea probably didn’t sit right and one can only imagine the mental pictures the poor girl saw. Refusing to let her relationship become another Angelina Jolie statistic, Vanessa told Depp to part ways with the film. Rumor has it that Johnny actually agreed to follow his girlfiend’s request but has been having trouble backing out of the project considering production has already started.

Smart girl if you ask us! Angelina Jolie has a habit of falling in love with her co-stars, including Billy Bob Thorton and Brad Pitt. Johnny Depp could have potentially been another name on the list. Good call Vanessa.

Check out more photos of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis below: