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We had to take a second look at these photos of Jessica Simpson – at first glance we thought it was Britney Spears. Greasy hair and what looks like a bad weave – what? It could be Britney – before she got her act together!

For the record, I hate to be bashing the Britster because she has come such a long way. Where is Jessica’s hair guru Ken Paves? We can’t imagine he would have approved Jessica being seen in public like this. He must have been working on Eva Longoria.

Simpson and her old assistant CaCee Cobb were leaving Madeo when they were mobbed by the paparazzi yesterday. They both look like they could use a little help in the hair department.

It is possible that it isn’t a weave and that she just took an egg beater to it. What’s with the duck lips…did she get a little work done again?

Check out the photo gallery below.

Photos: WENN