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Jessica Cutler is an author, blogger and former congressional staff assistant who was fired for blogging about her active sex life and the money she was paid for same. She is also reportedly a friend of Madam Kristin “Billie” Davis.

In 2004, while working for Senator Michael DeWine, she published her blog Washingtonienne. She identified her lovers by their initials. “F = married man who pays me for sex, chief of staff at one of the government agencies, appointed by Bush.” “W = a sugar daddy. I keep trying to end it with him, but the money is too good.” “RS = my new office BF with whom I am embroiled in an office scandal. The current favorite.”

She also wrote that she’d accepted $400 for sex with a high level Bush appointee. She justified receiving money by saying: “I’m sure I am not the only one who makes money on the side this way. How can anyone live on $25K/year?”

Her identity was revealed by the blog Wonkette in May 2004, resulting in a Capitol Hill scandal. She was fired on May 21, 2004 for “unacceptable use of Senate computers.” By summer 2004 she posed nude for Playboy magazine and sold a book The Washingtonienne: A Novel for $300,000. She also struck a deal with HBO to tell her story in a television series.

Things were moving along well until “RS” filed a lawsuit against Cutler and HBO for invasion of privacy to the tune of $25 million. In order to protect herself, Cutler filed for bankruptcy in May 2007.

In March 2008 she met a young lawyer while she was out partying in a bar. The random meeting resulted in the development of a relationship with 28 year old Charles Rubio, an associate at Milbank, Tweed, Hadkey & McCloy in New York. He bought her a Cartier love bracelet last month, instead of a ring, and proposed in Grand Central Station on the way home.

We’re quite sure this won’t be the end of the story. Check out more photos in our gallery below.

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