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You know Jessa, and Joseph, and Josie, and Jim Bob…but do you recall the most potentially sane Duggar of all?

Yes, we’re talking about the eldest daughter of the child-hoarding clan, Jana. While her sisters are out their gettin’ freaky in accordance with strict Duggar rules of courtship, Jana remains terminally un-side-hugged.

There are rumors that Jana is forbidden to date and forced to stay home to help tend to the other children, thus rendering her an old maid at 24.

This, of course, has prompted rumors that Jana is planning to break free from Duggar domination. Some believe she’s refused to become a baby factory for any of the suitors that Jim Bob has chosen for her and has thus been left with two choices: help raise the rest of the herd or set out on her own.

She’s reportedly taking online classes with an eye toward obtaining a nursing degree, but unfortunately, there’s been no indication that she plans to distance herself from her domineering parents.

Jana’s been pushed to the sidelines throughout the latest season of the Duggar’s reality show but you can watch 19 Kids and Counting online to see the brightest of the JDs show off her spark.