Jana Duggar: Planning to Break Away From Famous Family?!

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While Jessa and Jill Duggar become celebrity news staples, the oldest daughter from TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, Jana Duggar, remains an enigma of sorts.

So much so, you might not know the 24-year-old even exists if you watch 19 Kids and Counting online this season but aren't a longtime Duggar devotee.

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If you missed it, Jill Duggar, 23, married Derrick Dillard in June and is carrying his child, while Jessa Duggar, 21, set to marry Ben Seewald November 1.

Jana Duggar? Mysteriously single and increasingly out of the reality TV limelight.

With patriarch Jim Bob’s help, Jana's younger sisters and her older brother Josh Duggar have managed to court, settle down and make babies in short order.

Is there something about Jana that makes her different than her sisters, and anything less than prime courting material? Not as far as we can tell.

She’s a nice-looking girl any number of young Arkansas males would seemingly bend over backwards to side-hug the ish out of any day of the week.

Not only that, she's quasi-famous yet very down-to-earth, sweet and smart, the whole package that many guys would kill for a chaperoned date with.

So what's her deal? Is she not allowed to get married by Jim Bob and forced to take care of her younger siblings, as has been rumored in the past?

Or, is she at odds with, and planning on making a break from, the family?

The most likely explanation of Jana’s single status is that she and Jim Bob just haven't found The One yet. Admittedly, not everyone will fit the bill.

Given the things the Duggars do not allow and their rules for dating, that has to narrow the field a bit. But it didn't stop Josh, Jill or Jessa, now did it?

According to FreeJinger (dot) org, it might not be an accident that she's distancing herself from the family on 19 Kids and Counting and in private.

Very little is known for sure, but Jana is reportedly enrolled College Plus, where students can take classes that later transfer to physical colleges.

She is said to be considering a nursing degree, and she’s trained as both a first responder and a midwife. She also does extensive missionary work.

As such, there's a lot of talk about her spreading her wings and flying solo, leaving her parents and the 18 kids behind. But it's unclear if she will do so.

It's equally unclear what that even entails as far as the conflict (or lack thereof) between herself and Jim Bob. As of right now, she's still a mystery.

Maybe FreeJinger should rename itself FreeJana. Just an idea.

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