Jana Duggar: Not Allowed to Date, Forced to Stay Home and Take Care of Her Siblings?

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It's not easy being Jana Duggar.  These days, her younger sister Jill is basking in married life and posting constant, blissful selfies online. 

To make matters worse, Jana's other, even younger sister Jessa may have just gotten married to Ben Seewald in a secret ceremony!

Yes, she may only be 24, but according to reports, Jana is already feeling the pressure to start a family in a major way. Sadly, there may be little she can do about it:

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"Maybe for folks in New York, isn't no big deal to be single at 25," a source tells Star magazine. "But in Arkansas, you're an old maid at 25 - and Jana is scared!"

So why has Jana been unable to meet a man while her sisters are being paired off left and right?

The problem, the source says, is the "buddy system," parenting style employed by Michele and Jim Bob, which dictates that every Duggar has to help care for their younger siblings.

The system puts added strain on female siblings, so as the family's eldest daughter, Jessa has been playing a mother hen role since she was a toddler, leaving very little time for the Duggar's unique method of courtship.

"She wants to meet a nice guy, but she's busy taking care of her siblings!" says the insider. "What is she supposed to do, put her life on hold until 4-year-old Josie graduates high school? She'll be 38 by then!"

If folks in the Duggar's community look down on single 25-year-olds, we can only imagine how they feel about unmarried women in their late 30s. Here's hoping Jana enjoys the company of cats!

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