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One might think Dr. Conrad Murray would want to avoid any more bad publicity at this point in his life. Evidently that is not the case because he missed a child support hearing scheduled for October 7.

The judge handling this matter is taking the doc’s deadbeat status very seriously. Dr. Conrad has four days to report to Las Vegas or the judge will issue a bench warrant for his arrest.

Murray recently hired a new lawyer, Chris Aaron who told TMZ that they are “desperately” trying to work out a resolution. Here’s a thought — pay up and move on because the doc has obviously got much bigger issues looming.

This is where Murray went wrong…he missed a $13,311 child support payment to his 10-year-old son’s mother, Nenita Malibiran. With everything else blowing up in the good doctor’s world, he will likely make good on this just to silence that unwanted noise in the midst of his far more serious legal woes.

For those who might be thinking badly of the good doctor right about now, they have an explanation. His lawyer said, “It was not intentional, missing his court date – it was simply an oversight. Dr. Murray has every intention of resolving and taking care of his personal responsibilities.”

That seems a little lame. Hopefully Mr. Aaron is not the only lawyer representing Conrad in the Michael Jackson trial. If he is…the doctor or perhaps soon-to-be ex-doctor might just be SOL.