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Dane Cook

Darryl McCauley, half-brother and long time manager of comedian Dane Cook, has been arrested for embezzling millions from the entertainer.

McCauley, 43, was arrested yesterday in his Wilmington, Massachusetts home and charged with larceny, forgery and larceny by continuous scheme. He was scheduled to be arraigned this morning in Woburn District Court.

McCauley is accused of stealing millions of dollars from Cook by transferring funds to his own personal accounts between July 2007 and December 2008, forging Cook’s signature on a $3 million check to himself in one instance.

Cook, 36, worked for McCauley at Burger King as a teenager, and has often used that point of his life as material for his act. (See video below)

“He used to do the schedules in pen, but he did mine in pencil because I was always one step away from being taken out,” he says with a laugh.

McCauley has been with Cook since the early days of his career, initially selling merchandise at local shows, and managing the e-mail list and website until Cook was successful enough to hire him full time.

Dane Cook talks about working for his brother at Burger King in video below.