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If you’re not familiar with Dan Bilzerian, just know that he basically makes a living out of attempting to turn a 14-year-old boy’s study hall fantasy into an actual grown-man’s life, and documenting the whole thing for his millions of Instagram followers.

You may remember the incident in which Bilzerian threw a porn star off his roof back in April. Yeah, that pretty much sums this guy up.

He surrounds himself with big fake boobs, bigger piles of cash, and even bigger guns…and he’s 34 years old.

Anyway, if you think that sounds like the kind of lifestyle that’s bound to catch up with him eventually, well…you’re right.

Early this morning Bilzerian was arrested for possessing the sort of materials used to make massive explosives.

Just a few hours later, TMZ reported that Bilzerian is being sued for kicking a woman in the face at a Miami nightclub last week.

In addition to being a trust fund brat, Bilzerian claims to have won $50 million playing professional poker, so he’s probably got enough cash to make this all go away, but we imagine it’ll cost him a pretty penny.