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Carrie Prejean has been a hot topic this week after it was revealed that she made multiple explicit tapes for her ex-boyfriend. Now we are hearing from the ex-boyfriend and the plot thickens. He says she was 20-years-old when she recorded the sexually graphic cellphone videos and sent them to him for his reaction.

The couple met on MySpace when she was 19-years-old and the reigning Miss San Diego. He traveled to visit her in February 2007 and they spent four days together in a hotel. They continued their long distance relationship via cellphone and computer. According to the ex, she recorded 15-20 explicit video tapes while they would speaking on the phone and then she would send the footage to him at the end of each call.

After the scandal broke, it didn’t take Prejean long to call the ex-boyfriend. He said that she was furious and asked him to lie and say that she was 17-years-old at the time they were created. He told her “no way.”

It appears he has sold one or more of them to the Miss California USA organization. Pageant officials used the tapes as leverage to settle a lawsuit with Prejean.

The former Miss California USA 2008 appeared last night on Larry King Live. She called the show host “inappropriate” when he tried to get her to discuss the lawsuit settlement details. She actually removed her mic and threatened to leave the studio – see video here.

Listen to the explosive interview with Prejean’s ex-boyfriend below.