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One of our favorite Docs from the NBC hit show “ER” is back! Anthony Edwards is returning to the show on November 13th. Now if they could just get George Clooney to return, life as we know it would be perfect.

If you remember back to season eight, Dr. Greene (Anthony) died, so we are not sure in what capacity he will be returning to the show but none the less, it will bring back his fans.

The episode will be named “Heal Thyself” and the executive producer John Wells said that they would love to bring back the original cast, and we’re on board with that.

“We had hoped to bring back some of ER’s stars for the final season and think that our loyal fans will enjoy seeing some of the show’s most beloved and memorable characters.”

We will be watching on the 13th – we are sure it will be a suspenseful end to the season. Our dream is Clooney will be on the show too and that NBC is saving his return as one big surprise.

Photo: WENN