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Brittany Murphy was ill with flu-like symptoms for several days leading up to her sudden death on Sunday, according to TMZ. We have learned that she had been given a prescription drug to combat the illness and was vomiting and extremely unwell in the hours leading up to her death. The actress collapsed in the shower and was discovered by her mother Sharon.

Law enforcement sources acknowledged there were “a lot of prescriptions in the house”, but they did not find any illegal drugs during their search of the premises. An autopsy is planned for today and a full investigation is underway, despite objections by her husband Simon Monjack.

Murphy was the subject of several drug use themed sketches on Saturday Night Live. Shortly after the news of her death broke, SNL and Hulu reportedly removed their library of Brittany Murphy spoof videos. One sketch had Abby Elliott portraying the actress in an incoherent interview, responding to a question about being dumped from a movie.

Perez Hilton used Murphy’s death to his Twitter advantage by bashing Simon Monjack and getting in a slam against Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Lovecheck it out here.

In a case of art imitating life…or in this case death, Murphy’s latest movie “Deadline” shows her dead in a bathtub.

View police photos and the Brittany Murphy SNL video below.

Photos: WENN