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Actor Brandon Michael Vayda plays the role of Mike on CW hit show 90210. He was enjoying some off time with friends last night at My House nightclub in L.A. when things turned a bit ugly. He and his buds got into a verbal confrontation with another group of like minded partiers.

They took their screaming match outside, where several members exchanged more than nasty dialogue. Vayda stood by for most of the brawl but when the other group retreated to a cab, he sprang into action and began pummeling one of them, dragging him out of the taxi and onto the ground where he got in a few more good licks.

The up and coming actor apparently came away unscathed. The altercation was caught on tape and could end up biting him in the butt. There were no arrests but you just never know when a lawsuit could materialize.

Check out the Hollywood street brawl here. More photos below.

Photos: WENN

Cast photo of 90210 here.