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WARNING: This post contains spoilers which have not yet aired on Big Brother 11 regarding the Mystery Door and Pandora’s Box.

Secret Room and Pandora’s Box spoilers:

Live feeds have been a source for Big Brother 11 spoilers , and many are looking for clues to find out what Pandora’s Box is all about.

What we know so far is that Kevin is this week’s Head of Household. He nominated Jeff and Michelle for eviction, however, Michelle won the Power of Veto, leaving the door open for Kevin to nominate Jordan, pretty much sealing Jeff’s fate.

Kevin was given an instruction card, showing him a Mystery Door at the back of the HOH room. When he entered the room, he stuck his hands in a large box, where he was handcuffed. It is unclear whether or not he was instructed to put his hands in the box.

The live feeds show the houseguests gathering money raining from the sky. There is speculation that Jeff collected the most money and was offered the choice of keeping the money or exchanging it for a key to free Kevin. He apparently chose the latter option, and the key unlocked Pandora’s Box. The rumored twist is that the box contained a “Diamond Veto,” that overrides Michelle’s veto, which would effectively take Kevin off the block.

Of course all of this is speculation at this point, since the live feeds were blacked out much of the time.

Watch Big Brother 11 video of Michelle’s breakdown and Kevin’s HOH win below: