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Ah man, here we go again. Singer Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder Civil, who ended their 2-year crazy and decidely unhealthy marriage last July, are together again. Not only are they reunited, Blake says they are getting married.

The drug and jail-centered union made headlines time and time again, showing the world their downward spiral on a daily basis. Speculation of their reunion has been swirling since they were seen together in September.

Blake told The Sun, “We’re back together, and we’re engaged. Amy and I have talked about getting married again and starting a family – we both definitely want kids.”

Civil says that the two are completely drug free. They are going to go about their relationship properly. Properly? Family members are reportedly out of their minds over the reunion. The couple hope that their loved ones will warm to the idea if they see that they are going about it “properly.”

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Photo: WENN