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Another day, another clear indication that Amanda Bynes is in desperate need of round-the-clock psychiatric care.

TMZ reports that Bynes attempted to get a neck tattoo in Hollywood last night, but was fortunately turned away do to lack of proper identification.

Earlier this week, Bynes dyed her hair purple – a move that startled some, as Bynes seems to be in the habit of altering her appearance when her meltdowns are at their worst.

Unlike the lavender locks, however, the neck tatt may have been a mistake Amanda would have regretted for the rest of her life, particularly given the inspiration for the ink.

Sources say the tattoo Bynes had in mind was a portrait of Caleb Pusey.

You may remember Pusey as the 19-year-old bait shop employee to whom Bynes claimed she was engaged. Pusey has since denied having any romantic involvement with Bynes.

So yeah, let’s all hope she doesn’t find that ID any time soon.