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Alec Baldwin is on a roll with some interesting comments about his female 30 Rock guest stars. He recently reported that kissing Jennifer Aniston is “painful”. He expanded on his first utterances with other media outlets in order to turn it into a more positive response. But that was last weeks news. This week it’s a love fest with Salma Hayek.

Baldwin told People magazine, “She was literally the most fabulous woman that I’ve ever worked with.” Wow, the guy sounds smitten.

When the same interviewer caught up with Hayek last night at the CNN Heroes tribute award show, the actress was equally kind in her remarks about Baldwin. “We had such a great time. I love Alec to death. He energizes me…because he is so talented. He really, truly inspires me.”

Check out a recent video of Hayek with David Letterman. She tells the story of how she got her ample breasts – funny.

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