Mama June and Sugar Bear Broke Up!

Put on your cryin' Crocs and mix some vodka in your Mountain Dew, 'cuz we got some bad news for y'all:

Mama June Shannon and Sugar Bear Thompson broke up!

Mama June and Sugar Bear

Yes, Honey Boo Boo's ma and kinda-step-pa have called it quits after he was allegedly caught searching for cheating partners with an online dating profile.

While Shannon and Thompson were never legally married Mama June and Sugar Bear's commitment ceremony brought in record ratings for Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and the couple had been sporting wedding rings ever since.

Mama June is reportedly no longer wearing her ring, and she issued a statement to TMZ saying that she and her daughters will be moving out on Sugar Bear as soon as they finish filming the show's fifth season.

Dammit, we liked watching Honey Boo Boo because despite all their wacky backwoods ways, the family seemed like a stable one with genuine love for one another.

If we want to see a bunch of dysfunctional liars and cheaters, we'll watch the Kardashians, thank you very much.