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Lock up your children; the worst mom on TV is coming back to inspire more nightmares!

Yes, Kate Gosselin is returning to TLC for a series of specials to air this December.

This is astonishing news for a number of reasons:

1. It means someone actually watched the god-awful Kate Plus 8 specials that aired in June, and 2. CPS has somehow not taken Kate’s kids away yet! What’s the hold-up, guys?

If you haven’t been keeping up on Kate (lucky you). she’s still terrible, but her kids are growing up surprisingly well-adjusted.

The December specials will feature twins Mady and Cara preparing for eighth grade, while the sextuplets get ready for fourth.

The show will also include scenes from the Gosselin’s trip to new England, because what’s the point of a family vacation if you can’t cash in on it?

Sadly, images of Jon Gosselin watching bitterly from a seedy motel room will not be featured.