Lindsay Lohan Only Sober for her Reality Show?


Well, Lindsay Lohan's Reality Show on OWN is officially done taping.

SOOO, what's a girl to do?

Well, fire her "Sober Companion", of course!

After being released from rehab last year Lindsay promptly hired Michael Cormier as her sober coach.

Now that taping if over she fired his butt and he hasn't heard from her since.  This all makes you wonder what is GOING ON in this girl's head.

Having watched the how now a few times she is the biggest entitled brat I have ever seen, and I am SURE that she is toning it down for the cameras. I just feel like a want to say a giant "Shame on you" to Oprah for putting her in front of the camera and seemingly exploiting her recovery process, whether it be real or "reality".

Allegedly the sober coach cost Lindsay $1500 a day, but it was important for Lindsay to keep up appearances and make people think she was truly taking her sobriety seriously.  She felt like having a sober companion by her side gave her credibility.

Hope she can stay on track without the camera and the sober coach!