Michael Douglas Lied About His Cancer

michael douglas lied about cancer

Michael Douglas revealed Thursday that he lied to the world about having stage four throat cancer in August 2010.

During an interview on the U.K. talk show This Morning,  he decided it was time to reveal that it was a walnut-size cancer tumor at the base of his tongue that sent him scrambling for treatment.

Douglas explained, "This was right before I had a big tour for 'Wall Street.'   We decided there was no way we could cancel the tour without a plausible explanation.

His doctor warned that he would be in for a rocky ride and could end up losing part of his jaw and tongue.  Rather than discuss possible facial disfigurement with the media, they decided to bend the truth.  Douglas told his camp, "Let's just say it's throat cancer."

The actor underwent aggressive radiation treatment and chemotherapy and has been free of cancer since January 2011.

He and his wife became estranged earlier this year.  Many speculate that it was his candid revelation that the cancer was caused by the HPV virus, likely contracted while engaging in oral sex.  The story went viral and Catherine Zeta-Jones and Douglas separated.

Check out a short clip of Douglas revealing the truth to actor Samuel L. Jackson below:

Photo:  WENN