NBC Dateline Reporter Chris Hansen Booted

dateline correspondent chris hansen out

NBC's 'To Catch a Predator' investigative reporter Chris Hansen is leaving the network to pursue other job opportunities after two decades on 'Dateline.'

The journalist received seven Emmy Awards and four Edward R Murrow Awards for excellence in reporting but was recently told that his contract will not be renewed.

A network spokesman issued this statement: "Chris has been a valued member of the team and we thank him for his many contributions to Dateline and NBC News over the last 20 years.  We wish him the best."

Things suddenly hit a rocky patch for Hansen in late-June 2011 when he was alleged to have spent the night at the apartment of WPTV-Channel 5 reporter Kristyn Caddell.  She was pressured to leave the NBC affiliate news station in West Palm Beach shortly after the scandal broke and it became clear they were engaged in an extra-martial affair.

Two weeks ago Caddell told RadarOnline that she had been "essentially blackballed from the news industry after her secret relationship with Chris Hansen was revealed two years ago."

She stated emphatically, "No matter what your philosophy is on someone who has an affair -- if it was the man or the woman's fault -- there are two people involved and if I can't work, he should not be able to work.  I have lived the double standard."

Apparently NBC caught wind of the interview because it didn't take long before Kristyn received her pound of flesh.

Chris Hansen had this to say about his departure, "I am pursuing hosting and executive producing projects that will be announced in the coming months."

He remains married to Mary Joan Hansen.  They reside in Connecticut with their two sons.

chris and mary joan hansen

We've included the video that caused a firestorm of negative publicity for Hansen and his wife two years ago:

 Photo:  Facebook-Chris Hansen NBC Dateline