Ben Affleck Picks Up Brown University Degree

brown university graduation 2013

'Argo' director Ben Affleck picked up a doctor of fine arts degree during Sunday's commencement at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

Affleck was one of a handful of prestigious recipients of honorary doctorates over Memorial Day Weekend 2013.  Others included an MIT Professor, a Stanford bacteriologist, several college presidents, and a medical doctor.

The accomplished actor-director, who won an Academy Award for Best Picture earlier this year, told the Providence Journal, "This is a spectacular honor for me.  Not only for the education, but now I surpass Matt Damon."

His friend received the 2013 Harvard Arts Medal in recognition for his outstanding work in the arts industry, and for the success of 'Good Will Hunting.'

Ben Affleck was honored by Brown for his work as a director, filmmaker, and actor, and was recognized for his contributions as a humanitarian advocate.

After picking up his diploma Affleck returned to his seat but was coerced by the crowd to deliver a short acceptance speech.  He joked, "This is a spectacular honor for me.  My 7 year old daughter said, 'Why are you doing that dad.  You went to no classes and did no homework.' Out of the mouths of babes."

"In truth, my mother is here.  She never got to see me graduate from any higher education at all.  So, for mom, I love you.  Thank you very much."

Check out his short acceptance speech below:

Picking up a bona fide Master's Degree last week was actress Eva Longoria - cap and gown photos here.

 Photos: Twitter-Brown University