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The always irreverent Ricky Gervais did nothing to tone down his rhetoric while hosting the 69th Golden Globe Awards last night. While his wise cracks were aimed at many, he seemed to take particular pleasure in dissing Kim Kardashian.

He led with, “The Golden Globes are to the Oscars what Kim Kardashian is to Kate Middleton, actually: a bit louder, a bit trashier, a bit drunker and more easily bought. Allegedly, nothing’s been proven.”

“What’s with all the divorces? What’s going on? Arnold and Maria, J-Lo and Marc Anthony, Ashton and Demi. Kim Kardashian and some guy no one will remember. He wasn’t around long. Seventy-two days. A marriage that lasted 72 days. I’ve sat through longer acceptance speeches.”

If the reality star was in the audience the camera never panned to her. She was photographed at several Beverly Hilton Hotel after-party events.

Gervais got another big laugh regarding a subject the network warned him not to discuss, “I mustn’t mention Mel Gibson this year. Not his private life, his politics, his recent films or especially not Jodie Foster’s beaver.”

Regarding Foster, he continued: “I haven’t seen it myself. I’ve spoken to a lot of guys here, they haven’t seen it either. That doesn’t mean it’s not any good.”

The actress laughed with the rest of the crowd though it isn’t clear what she might have been really thinking as she sat with her young boys in the audience.


Check out his opening monologue antics on the video clip below:

Photos: WENN