Denver Air Traffic Controller Drunk on the Job: Video

denver center removes drunk air traffic controller

FAA investigating drunk air traffic controller ...

A veteran air traffic controller failed a random drug and alcohol test while he was on the job at the Denver Air Route Traffic Control Center in Longmont.   He was immediately relieved of his duties.

The 25-year controller, who worked in a "testing designated position," was six and a half hours into his eight hour shift on July 5 when he submitted to a drug test that revealed his alcohol level to be twice the legal limit mandated by the FAA for controllers.  The regulation prohibits a blood alcohol concentration of 0.04 or greater while on the job.

A federal investigation is underway for the man who holds a "position with critical safety or security-sensitive responsibilities."  An FAA spokesman said: "The controller in question is not working air traffic.  We are investigating the incident."

The Denver Center controls 285,000 square miles of airspace over portions of nine states.

It is not known if the controller was drinking on the job, or arrived at the beginning of his shift in an intoxicated state.

Family members indicate that he has entered an alcohol rehabilitation treatment facility, and has been told by the FAA that he could be reinstated if he completes all the required steps, per federal guidelines.

Check out a video report below: