Rihanna Most Popular Woman on Facebook: Blows By Lady Gaga with 41 Million Likes

rihanna leading lady gaga in facebook likes

Lady Gaga's little monsters were doing a great job of keeping her on top of the Facebook world, but that all changed on July 15 when Rihanna pushed Gaga out of the top spot and become the most popular woman on the social networking site.

The new frontrunner was quickly announced by Facebook's marketing director Randi Zuckerberg, who happens to be the sister of head honcho Mark Zuckerberg:

new queen of facebook

It is possible for Gaga to take back her title because the women are separated by a very small margin. Lady G currently has 40,790,773 Likes and Rihanna has 40,907,901.  A call to action rally cry by Lady G could get her little monsters to change that status very quickly.

While Riri is currently basking in the glory of her newfound Facebook status, Gaga still rules Twitter.

Stay tuned...

Photos:  Facebook