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Josh Hamilton, the 29-year-old Texas Rangers star outfielder, is heading to the World Series beginning Wednesday night. Supporting him every step of the way is his wife Katie Chadwick Hamilton.

The couple met in 2002 and married in 2004. Katie has a daughter, Julia Shea, 9, from a previous relationship, and together she and Hamilton have two daughters, Sierra Elise, 5, and Michaela Grace, 2.

Hamilton’s struggles with drugs and alcohol are well documented. He claimed he hadn’t used drugs or alcohol since October 2005 but suffered a relapse in January 2009 and informed the Texas Rangers, the league and threw himself on the mercy of his wife the next day.

Six months later, controversial photos surfaced of a shirtless Hamilton in a Tempe, Arizona bar with several women. Hamilton’s wife viewed all of the photos, realizing for the first time the full extent of his indiscretions and forgave him for the slip. CONTROVERSIAL PHOTOS HERE.

The Texas Rangers, mindful of his struggle, recently celebrated winning the American League Championship with ginger ale instead of champagne. Hamilton was named 2010 MVP of the ALCS.

More family photos and ALCS locker room celebration below:

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