Rosie O'Donnell is Dating Tracy Kachtick-Anders PHOTOS

rosie odonnell girlfriend

Former television talk show host Rosie O'Donnell revealed in November that her relationship with Kelli Carpenter had ended.  In fact, O'Donnell said that Kelli had moved out 2 years ago.  It looks like Rosie is moving forward in the relationship department.

O'Donnell's new girlfriend is single lesbian mother Tracy Kachtick-Anders, an artist from Texas.  This is not just speculation -- Rosie's rep confirmed this news to People magazine.

Tracy has a lot in common with the comedian including the fact that they both have a vested interest in adoption and foster care.  Tracy launched the Open Arms Campaign with the goal of finding foster adoptive families within the LGBT community.

Kachtick-Anders has six children, five of whom she adopted.   Rosie, who has a new gig on Sirius XM radio,  has four adopted children.

Rosie and Tracy were photographed as they walked together while holding hands in Miami Beach.  They plan to move in together - details here.

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