VH1 100 Most Shocking Moments in Rock (VIDEO)

vh1 most shocking moments in rock

VH1 is counting down the 100 Most Shocking Moments in Rock, and we have the list.

So, what made the cut and who ended up at the top of the list?  Is it Britney Spears shaving her head?  John Lennon or Michael Jackson's death?  Chris Brown's assault on Rihanna?

Monday, December 28 at 9:00pm EST, VH1 will present five hours of the most shocking music moments of all time.  If you'd like to know what made the list, check it out below:

21. Disco Demolition
22. Altamont
23. Akon throws fan
24. T.I. gun bust
25. Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash
26. Rick James busted
27. Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift at 2009 VMAs
28. Elvis Presley death
29. John Lennon says Beatles are bigger than Jesus
30. Michael Jackson trial
31. Nas album controversy
32. Fergie pees her pants
33. Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes death
34. Gary Glitter child porn bust
35. Bjork airport attack
36. James Brown on PCP
37. 50 Cent shot 9 times
38. The Who drummer Keith Moon replaced by fan
39. Travis Barker / DJ AM plane crash
40. Axl Rose beats up fan
41. Scott Stapp drunk on Spike TV
42. Chuck Berry's toilet tapes
43. Van Halen's 1979 tour
44. WASP onstage torture chamber
45. Cam'ron won't snitch
46. Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes burns down house
47. Jim Morrison death
48. Johnny Cash attacked by ostrich
49. Diana Ross DUI
50. KISS Kasket
51. George Michael bust
52. Motley Crue release The Dirt
53. Eazy E dies of AIDS
54. DMX at JFK
55. Keith Richards snorts
56. Ted Nugent adopts girlfriend
57. Sid & Nancy
58. Grace Slick taunts Germans
59. Michael Jackson dangles baby
60. Courtney Love in NYC
61. Ozzy Osbourne / Nikki Sixx gross out contest
62. Rush's Alex Lifeson fight with cops
63. Dave Matthews poop scandal
64. Oasis attacked by fan
65. Cop Killer
66. Mick Jagger / Keith Richards drug bust, orgy rumor
67. Jam Master Jay murder
68. George Jones tractor DUI
69. Gram Parsons' corpse kidnapped
70. Metallica on stage accident
71. Boy George hooker scandal
72. Courtney Love at Pam Anderson Roast
73. Ant flips out
74. Danzig KO'd Adam
75. Aaliyah plane crash
76. Faith Hill chews out fan for grabbing hubby's cr*tch
77. Sebastian Bach hit with bottle, attacks fan
78. Pete Doherty bloody interview
79. ODB cashes welfare check
80. Cyndi Lauper eats bird poop during concert
81. Whitney Houston and Serge Gainsbourg
82. Three 6 Mafia win Oscar
83. Sonny Bono skiing accident
84. Blues Traveler John Popper gun bust
85. Green Day wakes fan from coma
86. Mayhem sheep head injury
87. Randy Rhoads plane crash
88. Elvis meets Nixon
89. Billy Bob Thornton awkward interview
90. Steven Tyler casts underage daughter as stripper in video
91. Bobby Brown fight at Disneyland
92. Vince Neil TV facelift
93. Selena shot by fan
94. Leif Garrett car accident and BTM reunion
95. Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman marries teen
96. KISS drummer impersonated by homeless man
97. Three Dog Night singer Chuck Negron's penis explodes
98. Foxy Brown assaults manicurists
99. Poison feud at VMAs
100. Beyonce falls

Video from VH1's 2007 Most Shocking Moments special:

VH1 100 Most Shocking Moments: John Lennon Murdered

Michelle. | MySpace Video

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