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On Christmas morning Brooke Mueller Sheen dialed 911 from her home in Aspen, Colorado, and claimed that her husband actor Charlie Sheen had choked her and threatened her with a knife. The “Two and a Half Men” star was arrested and later released on bail after spending a good part of Christmas Day behind bars.

As part of the initial judges conference, Brooke was issued a restraining order against her husband. Sheen, upon his released from the Colorado jail, got on a plane and headed back to the couple’s home in Los Angeles. Mueller remains in Colorado.

The order is mandatory in all domestic violence cases in Colorado – so we are unsure if she would have willingly sought out a restraining order on her own. Until the legal case is resolved, Judge James Boyd has ordered Charlie to cease all contact with his wife. Sheen’s manager Mark Burg reports that there are no plans for a divorce and that Charlie and Brooke are trying to work this out amicably.

Reports surfaced almost immediately, indicating that alcohol was involved in the spat. Both were given Breathalyzer tests at the scene: Brooke blew .14 and Charlie registered .04. Brooke reportedly recanted her original story later in the day, in an attempt to get the charges dropped for Charlie. The move didn’t sway authorities, who charged Sheen with two felonies and one misdemeanor — all involving domestic abuse.

Charlie’s next court hearing on the matter is slated for February 8th.

Listen to the Brooke Mueller Sheen 911 call below.

Photo: WENN