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At the beginning of this week, actress Melanie Griffith emerged with a black eye, which caused a huge amount of speculation as to what had happened. At first we heard that it was a make-up smudge but now her rep has come forward to clear up the continuing chatter.

Griffith underwent surgery to remove early-stage cancer from her face and that is how she got the black eye. Her rep went on to tell the Associated Press that the very good news was that the surgery was done early enough to prevent further complications.

Melanie, 52, who has battled addiction to alcohol and painkillers throughout her life, spent the month of August 2009 in rehab. She did a previous stint in 2000 and is frequently seen attending AA group meetings in Los Angeles.

Griffith is married to actor Antonio Banderas and the couple have a 13-year-old daughter Stella. Griffith also has a son Alexander Bauer, 24, and a daughter Dakota Johnson, 20, from previous marriages.