Elin Nordegren Takes Off Her Wedding Ring

elin nordegren wedding ring

We are not sure why this is such a surprise to anyone.  This past weekend Elin Nordegren was seen pumping her own gas and -- gasp!....she was not wearing her wedding ring.

This was her first appearance since Tiger Woods' marital infidelity became front page news across the globe.  We realize that some people don't wear their wedding ring 24/7...BUT..because her husband cheated on her with way more than a handful of women (current count is 13), the absence of the ring does fuel speculation that they have split.

Reports indicate that Elin and her twin sister Josefin Nordegren bought a home together in Sweden, which may mean she was aware of her husband's infidelities and was secretly planning to leave him.  If that is the case, she didn't get the chance to make the first move before it all blew up.  The first affair surfaced with Rachel Uchitel a few days before Thanksgiving.  Since that time, women have been coming out of the woodwork to the point where the words "sex addict" are being used to describe the world's greatest golfer.

Tiger has announced that he is taking an "indefinite break from professional golf" so that he can focus on being a better husband, father and person.

Check out the photo on TMZ of Elin pumping gas without her ring here.

We've got photos of the ring -- worn by Elin in happier times.

Photos:  WENN