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Do not call Rachel Uchitel a hooker or you may catch the wrath of her lawyer Gloria Allred. On the day-time talk show The View, co-host Joy Behar made a comment about the #1 mistress of pro golfer Tiger Woods.

Behar was joking about the whole crazy scandal involving Tiger, Uchitel and the mounting list of women. She quipped about Rachel, “Yeah, you-ka-tell she’s a hooker.”

Gloria is shooting back regarding the remark made about her client, saying that it was defamatory and highly offensive, and hurtful, too. Adding that Uchitel is “not amused”, Gloria said that “she values her reputation and her reputation has been damaged.”

What are Gloria and Rachel looking for? A retraction or they will proceed with legal action.

In other rumors this morning, reports are swirling that Rachel is thinking about taking it all off for famed magazine Playboy.

She’s not the only one suing. It seems Tiger’s legal team is trying to put a stop to the publication of some nude photos and possibly a video that are rumored to be for sale – check it out here.

Joy Behar apologized on Monday, December 13, during The View – see video below. We didn’t find the apology to be particularly heartfelt, and even detected some eye rolling by Behar, but Uchitel’s lawyer was sufficiently impressed with ABC’s gesture. The legal eagle issued the following statement:

“We accept ABC’s apology and this resolves the matter with ABC. Our action and this apology should also send a message to the public that Rachel values her reputation and that she will consider all of her legal options against anyone or any entity which defames her.”

Tiger’s #1 seems to be the new darling of the NYC paparazzi. View photos taken yesterday in our gallery and Behar’s apology video.

Photo: WENN