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Nude photos of Tiger Woods have surfaced on the heels of a scandal involving multiple affairs.

Someone contacted Playgirl claiming to have naked photos of Tiger. Although the magazine believes the photos may be authentic, they have opted to pass on publishing them. The pictures are now being shopped around the internet for an asking price of $500,000.

Tiger’s lawyers have gone to work to prevent the pics from being published, obtaining a court order from the High Court of London.

According to TMZ, the court order also covers any possible videos:

It blocks the publication of “any photographs, footage or images taken or obtained of the claimant body or of him involved in any sexual activity.”

While Tiger is trying to ensure that the public never sees his naughty bits, his #1 mistress Rachel Uchitel is set to bare it all for Playboy.

On Tuesday, Gatorade became the first sponsor to sever ties with Tiger, as the list of women involved in alleged affairs with the golfer grows daily.

Watchmaker TagHeuer also pulled ads in Australia featuring Tiger on Thursday, claiming the ads simply ran their course.

After a car crash in the early morning hours following Thanksgiving, there is growing concern and speculation that the golfer has become suicidal in recent weeks.

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