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Right now, Tiger Woods and his family are at the center of a fire storm that just keeps building. The pro golfer’s reported infidelity on a major scale has fueled rumors that his wife Elin Nordegren has moved out of the couple’s Windermere home. The ever-growing mistress count is currently at seven.

TMZ is reporting that sources attached to Health Central Hospital are saying that Tiger was admitted the day after Thanksgiving because of an apparent overdose. Careless pill taking or attempted suicide?

A hospital employee states that the fifth floor of the hospital was on lock down after Woods arrived. Tiger was registered under the alias William Smith and was admitted to the intensive care unit, with his wife Elin by his side.

Paramedics suspected drugs at the scene and they questioned Tiger’s wife about what he might have taken. Elin gave the paramedics two bottles of pills that she quickly retrieved from their home; one was the sleep aid Ambien and the other Vicodin.

Tiger was reportedly put on a breathing tube to support his depressed respiration. The sources stated that they changed Tiger’s alias after a few hours fearing people would find out that he was at the hospital.

The latest breaking news in the continuing saga is a 911 call that came into Orange County paramedics overnight, reporting that a middle-aged woman at the home of Tiger Woods was in distress. The woman, believed to be Elin Nordegren’s mother Barbro Holmberg, was transported to Health Central Hospital. Her daughter was following closely behind in one of the family’s black Cadillac Escalades. See photos and video here.