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Elisabeth Hasselbeck is nonplussed that Adam Lambert‘s interview and performance on The View will not air live on Thursday. Instead, ABC opted to tape his appearance on Tuesday — just in case.

ABC is still a bit nervous after the American Idol season eight runner-up’s controversial American Music Awards performance (watch uncensored video).

The network need not worry if Lambert’s post-AMAs appearances are any indication. After ABC canceled his appearance on Good Morning America, Lambert sat down for an interview on the CBS Early Show (see video). “I admit I did get carried away, but I don’t see anything wrong with it,” he told Maggie Rodriguez. “I do see how people got offended, and that was not my intention.”

Then there was the subdued performance of “What Do You Want From Me,” on Late Night with David Letterman; and last week, a poised and well-spoken Lambert told Ellen DeGeneres he doesn’t blame ABC for being upset. He said he was nervous at the AMAs and “got caught up in the moment” and “maybe went a little too far.”

“I never meant to disrespect anyone,” he told DeGeneres. “They gave me a great opportunity to close the AMAs,” said Lambert, “I would never want to smack that gift horse in the mouth.”

Hasselbeck, one of Lambert’s biggest denouncers, plans on “going for the kill” during the interview on The View. “She can’t wait to bait Adam about his infamous inappropriate performance,” says an insider, “and don’t expect her to pull any punches.

According to a pal of Lambert’s, he is prepared. “Adam has had to deal with people like her all his life. If it’s a fight she wants, she’s got it.”

Adam Lambert’s appearance on The View aired on Thursday, December 10th.

Watch both videos below:

Adam Lambert interview with Ellen

The View below.

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