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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen are expecting their first child together later this month. We have learned that Tom is keeping a secret…he’s the only one who knows the sex of the baby.

Gisele must have great deal of will power not to have caved in and forced the secret out of Tom. Brady told WEEI Sports Radio on Wednesday, “I’m really the only one that knows at this point. My dad asked me. I haven’t told him. Gisele doesn’t know. It’s a pretty good feeling knowing something that no one else knows.”

The hardest part of the secret is outsmarting his intelligent wife. Brady is pretty sure that he has never slipped up when referring to the baby, and tries to always mix it up with equal use of ‘he’ and ‘she’, adding that he is “very conscious when I’m saying it.”

So, what color is the nursery? The walls have yet to be painted and the closets are filled with lots of yellow and green unisex outfits for their bundle of joy.

This will be Gisele’s first child and his second. Tom and actress Bridget Moynahan have a son, John Edward Thomas Moynahan, who was born in 2007.

One thing is sure — he or she is sure to be absolutely gorgeous. Check out Gisele’s baby bump photos below.

Photos: WENN