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Alex P. Keaton’s mom on the 1980’s sitcom Family Ties has revealed to NBC morning host Matt Lauer, “I am a lesbian mom.” Meredith Baxter wants the world to finally know her secret.

After three failed marriages, one to director David Birney, and never quite comfortable with who she was, Meredith, 62, started dating women seven years ago.

She has been secretly partnered with building contractor Nancy Locke for the last four years. Baxter said, “I feel like I’m being honest for the first time.” The couple have been living under the same roof for the past two years.

Meredith was completely honest with her five children right from the start of their relationship. Her kids were all supportive and happy that their mother figured out a way to be happy.

Baxter did admit to Lauer that a tabloid was getting ready to reveal her secret so she decided that she could best ensure that the correct information was shared by telling her own story.

View Meredith Baxter’s Today Show interview video below.

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