Ungaro Blames Lindsay Lohan For Fashion House Ruin

lindsay lohan fashion disaster

When Lindsay Lohan decided to change career paths, she went to work for Emanuel Ungaro at his couture house.  The actress was hired to advise the empire on a fashion line.

Emanuel called it a "disaster", during an appearance at a film festival on Monday night in Lisbon.  He lamented, "I am furious but I can't do anything about it."  Ungaro no longer has contact with the fashion house even though it holds his name.  His reason?  He stated simply, "It is in the process of losing it soul" because of hiring Lohan.  Ouch!

Lohan was brought in to work with Estrella Archs as a consultant.  Their creations were display on the catwalk during Paris Fashion Week last month.  The press had a field day with it and called the line an "embarrassment."

The introduction of Lohan, meant to give the label publicity, was a huge risk that failed to produce the desired result and instead unleashed disaster and ruin.  Emanuel says that this often happens when designers give up their "houses" and bring in advisers.

Oh man, Michael Lohan is somewhere right now putting new batteries into his tape recorder while waiting for Dina to call him.

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Photo:  WENN