Levi Johnston 'Tweets' Go Rogue on Tonight Show VIDEO

levi johnston tweets go rogue

Levi Johnston was ridiculed last night on The Tonight Show by William Shatner, who read the 'tweets' that were said to be from the Twitter account of the Wasilla, Alaska teenager and future Playgirl centerfold.

The skit, which Conan O'Brien introduced as the real deal, had Shatner doing a poetic reading with a musical accompaniment.   The segment is Shatner's second such reading--his first was a spoof on Sarah Palin's 'tweets'.

It turns out the Twitter account, @LeviJohnston05, that was fodder for the piece, wasn't Levi Johnston's work at all.  Lawyer Rex Butler, representing the interests of Johnston, is going after Twitter for some corrective action and has put NBC on notice that a retraction statement regarding the ownership of the 'tweets' in question is expected forthwith.

Check out the mock 'tweet' reading on video below.